Denver, Colo. (June 27, 2012) PowerHealth OnDemand the world’s leading provider of business performance management and analytics solutions for hospitals and healthcare organizations, is pleased to announce upgrades and multiple new customer testimonials for its industry leading operational-insight & cloud-based solution, PowerHealth OnDemand 4.4. By subscribing to PowerHealth OnDemand, Hospital executive management, directors, and administrators are able to dynamically increase business efficiencies by gaining near real time access to critical operational data.

PowerHealth OnDemand focuses on the pressing needs of the nation’s community hospitals, which make up 73% of the hospitals throughout North America, and are typically working on much smaller margins than enterprise hospitals – Community Hospital 100. PowerHealth OnDemand clients are recognizing a breakthrough to their hospital’s performance visibility resulting in a minimum savings of $1800 per patient below their peers.

Implementing PowerHealth OnDemand empowers hospital and healthcare organizations with actual insights and trusted business intelligence to increase the performance, profitability, and quality of their patient experience. The solution serves up all relevant granular operational and financial performance data, from physician to patient to service lines in real-time, into one dynamically customized visibility tool. PowerHealth OnDemand’s performance management solution accurately measures:

  • Cost & profitability across service lines
  • Detailed activity at the patient, physician & DRG level
  • Budget variance across all departments and accounts
  • Clinical operations and patient throughput for OR, ED, Radiology, etc.
  • Labor & materials utilization
  • Physician utilization linked to quality outcomes

PowerHealth OnDemand has over 600 client implementations across the globe.

“By using PowerHealth OnDemand, we have trusted access to critical data and information in one central location that puts it in the hands of staff that are closer to patient care and can better access answers. Our end users are more familiar with and can analyze our critical information more accurately. IT doesn’t know how data is structured or used, so it often takes several back and forth tries before we actually get the data we need. With PowerHealth OnDemand, we have immediate access to one version of the truth and can now easily review Dashboards to Details that enable us to answer our own questions” said Wayne Bennett, CFO of Franklin Memorial Hospital, former CFO at Mercy (Portland, ME)/ Central Maine (Lewiston, ME) and three-time PowerHealth OnDemand client.

Implementation is simple.  Access to data and information begins in 7-10 business days and doesn’t require any internal IT resources. The PowerHealth OnDemand 4.4 Product Upgrade includes:

  • Executive Dashboard information now available on all browser-based devices both from inside and outside the hospital network
  • Updated automated report distribution that will free-up your staff’s time to focus on their core responsibilities
  • Daily census reporting that allows for actionable information related to staff flexing and labor management
  • Dynamic interactive financial reporting for real-time visibility into budget variances by department including labor and materials  

“At PowerHealth OnDemand, we are transforming the healthcare industry by enabling healthcare providers to move away from the expense and overhead associated with farming critical data, and move toward  harvesting trusted data and information so that they can best understand and support their business and operations,” said Paul Evans, PowerHealth OnDemand CEO. “With our PowerHealth OnDemand V4.4 upgrade, we are pleased to extend the most accurate and easy-to-implement business performance management solution to the healthcare community.”