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Originally founded in 2009, PowerHealth has transformed the Healthcare Market’s old school cost accounting and data access processes into a new age of open access for reporting and information. PowerHealth’s technology platform now serves over 800 healthcare facilities world-wide, effectively eliminating the common “frustration-factor” and costly overhead associated with outdated solutions.

Beginning in 2010, PowerHealth OnDemand’s cloud-based platform was born to extend the vision of delivering real time “trusted answers” to those who needed them the most. Our Patent-pending platform has quickly become the industry’s proven source to support business, clinical operations, physician reporting, and quality of patient care decisions. PowerHealth OnDemand is ready for your healthcare facility, and is available and securely accessible 24×7 via the web and on-the-go via mobile devices. Our PowerHealth community of clients are prepared to face the challenges of running the business of healthcare in today’s rapidly changing climate.


Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 12.10.31 PMPaul Evans – Founder & CEO

Paul provides over 20 years experience in technology and business intelligence sales, marketing, and global executive management. He has a proven record of success with the most innovative and disruptive technology companies such as Siebel Systems (acquired by Oracle), Oracle, and Schlumberger, both domestically and internationally with multi-industry focus. Paul provides leadership and vision in structuring PowerHealth for growth through direct sales and strategic partnerships, and innovative product direction. Paul leads his dedicated team by constantly striving for 100% customer success, and has first hand experience with enabling clients with solutions that provide the greatest return on investment.  When not living in the OnDemand world, Paul and his wife enjoy life as a fan of their 3 boys through sports and school activities such as soccer, baseball, skiing, golfing, swimming, biking, and hiking – and whatever makes your heart beat faster.

Paul holds a number of distinguished sales and management awards throughout his career and holds a BA degree from Bowling Green University.


Patrick Power – Advisory Board Member

Patrick has over 25 years successful experience in healthcare IT in a wide array of financial, clinical and decision support systems throughout Asia Pacific, Middle East, UK, and the US. With extensive industry knowledge in casemix, cost accounting, funding, reporting, technical and project management skills, Patrick’s vision continues to motivate his team to develop systems targeted at improving enterprise healthcare management. Patrick holds a Masters in Business Administration from Pepperdine University, a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and a Certificate in Accounting, and was recently selected to represent South Australia at Harvard University’s Executive MBA Program.


Jared Olson – Advisory Board Member
Jared Olson MD is a practicing physician for people with disabilities — a Physiatrist or Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation doctor. He has an engineering degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder, a medical degree from the University of Chicago, and medical residency training at the University of Washington. He has experience in federally funded biomedical engineering research, human neuroscience, data analytics, health technology startups, and physician education. He is passionate about translating technology into useful products and services, and about delivering high-quality patient care. Jared lives in Boulder with his family and enjoys exploring the outdoors with his kids.


David Daley – Chief Technology Officer

David has over 25 years in IT architecture, development, and management experience. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the University of Akron, David has spent his career focusing on business technology. Previous positions include Vice President of Systems Management Architecture for a major bank, and IT Manager for the largest hospital in Rocky Mountain region. When not working on new data insights and visualization techniques, David can be found riding motorcycles through the Colorado canyons, hiking, skiing, or playing tennis and ice hockey.


Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 1.05.11 PMTim Hill – VP Product

Tim brings 15+ years of experience building products and working with customers.  He is a product guy and loves to build products that invent the future.  Tim is responsible for driving product strategy, planning and execution for both inbound and outbound product.  Tim holds an MA in Computer Resources and Information Management and has worked in or around product much his career.  Prior to joining PowerHealth, Tim lead product for mobile and eCommerce.  He loves software.  If Tim is not doing something with product he can be found in the backcountry of Colorado, rock or ice climbing, snowboarding or skiing and often paddle boarding.  Always eager to learn and bring new ideas to his work.


Sue Nelson – Director of Customer Support & Client Engagement

Sue has over 20 years experience in the Healthcare Industry, specialized in data analytics, reporting, and cost accounting. She’s been a key figure in supporting PowerHealth’s client needs both domestically and internationally.  Sue’s experience spans working inside major hospital organizations within finance and operations to working as a major contributor to the growth of our client success.  When she’s not assisting clients with new and innovative ways to help them gain trusted insight to their finance, clinical operations, and quality outcomes, Sue enjoys time with her family, pets, and traveling the world on new and exciting adventures.


Keith Snyder – Director of Customer Care

Keith brings 15+ years experience of leadership in customer service management to PowerHealth OnDemand. While at his previous company, Intuit, Keith led multiple sales and customer support teams to new standard-setting customer satisfaction scores. Keith and his teams were recognized company-wide as having the highest level of customer service and satisfaction performance. At PowerHealth OnDemand, Keith has initiated major customer satisfaction initiatives such as the OnDemand User Engagement Program, the OnDemand Customer Support and Knowledge Center, and the company’s client operations programs.  Outside of PowerHealth, Keith can be found volunteering at school and church, enjoying family time, and living the dream on local baseball fields, basketball courts, and golf courses throughout Colorado.


Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 1.53.43 PMLarry Pedigo – Director of Software Development and Platform Architecture

With 15+ years of experience in backend architecture and database systems, Larry brings a wide range of experience from disparate industries, including health care, e-learning, marketing, projects for NASA, and more.  He’s designed, developed, and optimized numerous transactional and data warehousing solutions. Never content, he’s always looking to expand his knowledge and skill in different directions.

When not plying his trade in the realm of technology, Larry loves to travel with his wife, Alex, trail run with his Border Collie, Pebbles, compose rhythmic stylings on his drum kit, and rock climb in different areas around the country.

Larry has a BS and a BA from the University of Colorado Boulder.


Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 1.52.47 PMJason Pekar- Manager of Quality Assurance & Testing

Jason is a graduate from the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.  He has 6 years of system management experience and has been with PowerHealth since 2012.  When not scrubbing out bugs, conducting data audits and developing customer reports, Jason has a passion for leading philosophical meetings and developing tabletop games in his spare time.


PowerHealth OnDemand has enabled our organization to effectively get up and running within weeks for immediate results - not months or years like other vendors. Our organization is now armed with “one version of the truth” from summary to detailed results related to costs, revenues, profitability, ER, and OR. PowerHealth also allows us to easily benchmark and view our State's comparative patient data in order to evaluate trends, issues, and opportunities for intervention on our performance.

CFO, Catholic Healthcare

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