NYUMC Brooklyn Defines Business Performance Management with PowerHealth OnDemand Platform

Major NY hospital and clinic organization relies on PowerHealth OnDemand’s Cloud-based cost accounting with trusted financial performance reporting and analytics.


  1. 468 bed acute care hospital + 9 major clinics based in Brooklyn, NY
  2. $755MM annual revenues with 120,000 annual patient discharges
  3. Executives and departmental managers required immediate access to enterprise data housed in McKesson Series HIS
  4. Access to real-time data and information was non-existent
  5. State reporting, physician reporting, and HCAP reporting required significant IT resources and overhead
  6. Evaluated McKesson TRENDSTAR prior to selecting PowerHealth for Business Performance Management solution including trusted cost accounting, open data access, dedicated SLA and support, and lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

The Challenges

  1. Access to real-time data required all departments to be dependent on Finance, which caused bottlenecks and delays for all departments and a drain on Finance’s staffing resources
  2. Critical need for accurate cost and profitability data to support cost reduction management program
  3. Upgrade to MEDITECH 6.0 caused all users (minus Finance – as already using PowerHealth OnDemand) to lose access to over 6,000 custom NPR reports, including significant upheaval from department managers who depended on reporting such as the OR and ED departments
  4. Finance was dependent on 2 dedicated IT staff for getting access to data, which caused even further delays and deterred all parties involved from focusing on their core responsibilities
  5. Management’s trust of data and information was questionable due to challenges accessing accurate data from multiple silos of information (McKesson source or 3rd party data).
Lutheran Medical Center


The PowerHealth Solution

  1. OnDemand QuickStart Program for rapid deployment to rapidly achieve value (heavy lifting of implementation and maintenance is done by PowerHealth to allow hospital staff to focus on their core responsibilities)
  2. PowerHealth solution implemented within 45 days from initial meeting
  3. All department management have access to dynamic and detailed Budget-Variance Reporting to support strategic cost management programs
  4. Comprehensive visibility into all aspects of cost, revenues, detailed DRG & CPT analysis, profitability, payor mix reporting, Physician Utilization, Profitability by Procedure and Physician, and much more!
  5. Ready-access to standard, customized and self-service reporting that are automated and recurring for establishing business & financial performance benchmarking and forward trending
  6. NO IT overhead resources required
  7. NO software, NO hardware, and NO capital expenditures
  8. Unlimited users
  9. Ready Access. Actionable Insights. Trusted Answers