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I Need Reliable Costs to
Manage My Organization

Key Benefits

PowerHealth provides immediate access to cost and profitability at patient episode level.

  • Manage enterprise cost, profitability, department, and physician performance
  • Identify cost outliers and opportunity for improvement
  • Evaluate high impact areas in cost of materials and labor
  • Understand dependencies of quality of patient care initiatives against cost and reimbursement
  • Ready your organization for ACO and Healthcare Reform programs
Overcome the Challenges of Healthcare Costing with PowerHealth
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I Need Access to Reliable Costs to Manage My Organization

Providers focused on delivering value and quality patient care to support the next generation of Healthcare recognize they must clearly understand their detailed cost at the patient level. Organizations that have immediate access to data and accurate costs will possess the foundation for enabling high impact, strategic and operational decisions. However, the majority of healthcare organizations are hindered by inaccurate, unavailable, or delayed information access to support their decisions, or because their traditional "old school" costing solutions are plagued with IT overhead and high maintenance. In addition, reporting access from traditional cost accounting systems increased staff overhead and added to the frustration factor. Simply stated, accurate access to trusted and real-time information visibility into your financial and operational systems is paramount in the age of Healthcare Reform.

If this dilemma sounds familiar, PowerHealth OnDemand can immediately help. With over 600 sites leveraging our solutions, we have proven to rapidly enhance your existing Healthcare Information System (HIS) with real-time and automated data integration, intuitive access and detailed analysis. Our solutions quickly empower your entire team with clear visibility to trusted cost details at the patient, physician, and DRG level - available within several weeks and without breaking the bank or long term contract.

PowerHealth OnDemand's Cost Accounting solution includes simple set-up, minimum maintenance, automated audit reporting, and affordability. We enable your organization to easily define, track and analyze costs at the patient level - with unprecedented simplicity and accuracy. Using sophisticated and flexible cost allocation rules, our solution allows for multiple costing methods and classification rules, pre-processing and validation processes, and detailed drill-downs at the physician, patient and procedure levels.

Our focus on quality, cost & patient satisfaction demands access to real-time information. Experience & intuition only take you so far.
Dr. Bil VanNess
President & CEO, Community Hospital, Anderson, IN