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How Do We Optimize Our Operating Room?

The surgery and anesthesiology departments are traditionally expensive to operate because of their specialized staff, as well as the costly equipment and materials involved.

OR scheduling affects your entire organization, and offers significant potential to both reduce operating costs and improve the quality of care delivered. PowerHealth OnDemand’s solutions visualize opportunities to optimize OR costs, profitability by procedure, physician utilization, block scheduling, and more, with a focus on reducing turnaround time.

PowerHealth OnDemand also enables OR and Surgery teams identify potential cost savings & supply chain efficiencies against within your materials expenses. We look strategically at value, to positively affect both the patient outcome and the costs of managing your OR.


Key Benefits

PowerHealth gives you detailed, accurate insights across patient experience, helping you:

  • Measure operating room performance
  • Reduce time wasted in the OR
  • Control material & supply chain costs
  • Direct organizational improvements from “one version of the truth”


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PowerHealth has created the "intelligent community" with their new PowerHealth OnDemand Platform. PowerHealth OnDemand has changed the paradigm for healthcare by providing trusted answers to our most complex business issues related to cost, profitability and quality.

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