Healthcare’s Platform for Performance Improvement

The Why:
  • We strive to give our clients who have a Lean continuous improvement culture a system where:
  1. Staff are encouraged to make improvement suggestions
  2. Lean facilitators can manage initiatives from suggestion to implementation
  3. Hospital staff can have visibility into Lean efforts which promotes accountability.
The What:
Lean Management System
  • Kaizen Management System (KMS) that helps Lean facilitators manage improvement efforts and promotes transparency of Lean initiatives.
  • A secure cloud-based, SAAS solution that automates improvement efforts and alleviates any IT drain. We basically do it all for you. And oh yeah we get you up and running in no time with no need for any software, hardware, and capitol.
  • There’s more IT talk at the bottom. Let’s keep it Lean for now.
Lean Management System

On the left is a screenshot of where employees enter suggestions and on the right is where Lean facilitators manage them.


The Who:

“I helped build a homegrown system that cost us a lot of time and money and requires IT involvement to maintain. With Kaizen OnDemand it’s like a smooth, quiet running engine from suggestion to implementation.”

– Lean facilitator, community hospital near Baltimore, Md.

“We are new to lean and I’ve been researching some suggestion management systems and luckily I get Kaizen OnDemand free with my PowerHealth subscription. I can actually see this management tool spurring a Lean culture.”

– Director Quality Resources, Indiana community hospital

“With the IPad application it is incredibly easy to enter suggestions on the fly. I am using Kaizen OnDemand offsite at the nursing home facilities we work with.”

– Performance Improvement Director, New England 150-bed hospital


Lean Management System

1st chart is a quadrant chart which ranks the proposed kaizen events on an effort/return axis. 2nd chart displays the pending and in progress kaizens by theme. 3rd grid chart shows Kaizens that are either in progress or pending and the details of each one.


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With OnDemand Lean Performance Management, you gain:
  • A web based solution for automating your Lean performance improvement projects
  • Immediate access to a secure Cloud-based solution requiring no software, no hardware, no capital, and no IT to manage and maintain
  • Real-time visibility to plan and monitor Kaizen Events for tracking, optimization, and sustainable success
  • A platform for process control and standardization
  • The ability to integrate Lean process improvement initiatives with Clinical Operations and Financial Performance data and analytics that will lead to a Defined ROI
  • User self‐service and automated reporting and access from virtually anywhere and any device (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop) to significantly reduce costs


24/7 access, automation, and reporting leads to measurable improvements

Using OnDemand Lean Performance Management, your organization gains immediate visibility into your Lean performance improvement initiatives. The end result is breakthrough in operational efficiencies, utilization efforts, and retrospective analysis to keep you on track.  Our proven OnDemand Platform comes complete with tools to help you uncover key performance variances, isolate root causes that will enable you to capitalize on opportunities for improvement. The solution is available to users 24/7 and comes complete with our “dashboard to detail” interactive web platform that can be introduced and implemented within hours in order for you to achieve your goals in less time, with absolute control.


Kaizen Ondemand is part of the growing suite of our patent-pending PowerHealth OnDemand platform, and can be purchased separately or integrated with PowerHealth OnDemand suite of solutions.


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